Browsing the Internet become a daily chore. We can’t live without staying connected to the Internet. If you are a desktop user like me, I bet you are using Google Chrome to access the web (at least you’ve used once for a while). Chrome changed the way we used to surf the web. If you are an old chrome user most probably you heard of extensions.

Google Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome extensions play a paramount role in your web browsing. It doesn’t matter how efficient you are on the internet. You need to make use of the appropriate Chrome extensions that can empower your browsing routine.

So, today we’ve listed some of the handpicked collection of best chrome extensions to improve your web activity. Due to the web developers courtesy, as an outcome, these extensions emerged out. All the extensions which mentioned below are free. So don’t resist to try out these tools on the latest version of Chrome.

1. AdBlock Plus – To Block Unwanted Ads

The internet is stuffed with Ads, right? When you browse the web most probably you come across Ads. It may irritate, and you may easily distract from your work. Have you ever looked up for any possible solution?

That’s when AdBlock Plus comes into the picture, this is the best tool that what I recommend for blocking annoying ads. It will block all the ads on the websites, Facebook, YouTube without any footprints. Further, it even suppresses any popups and ads that rotate. Overall AdBlock is not an ignorable extension for the Chrome users.

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2. Grammarly – To Fix Grammatical Error

“No one is perfect” – It is the universal truth. And you can’t ignore it, even if you’re an industry expert. I’m sure that you’ll commit mistakes. Grammarly is a simple yet useful Google Chrome extension that enables you to fix all your grammatical errors.

You can sign up for a free account, by which you can fix pretty much all of your grammar error in no time. It can be integrated into your Facebook Status, WordPress dashboard, and everything that you open your web browser.

Note: Grammarly is a free tool but the premium version offers a value for money service for writers and others who want’s their writing to be error free. You can check the latest deal on Grammarly from here.

3. Pocket – To Save Articles For Offline

pocket chrome extensionThe habit of reading is something that I really enjoy doing. Reading is super helpful as it will make you smart and more awesome with time. So practice the habits of reading from today itself.

When it comes to reading, you can’t concentrate to read the particular articles when you stay connected. The internet makes you move away from the topic, so better you push the materials to the offline. You need the best extension for offline reading, among various extensions, Pocket is experts pick. You’ll get more options, with its Android, IOS apps, web apps and instant syncing ability you won’t get a chance to miss any articles.

4. Panic Button – One Click Close Opened Tabs

panic button chrome extension

What will happen you are checking your Facebook newsfeed, all of sudden your boss enters? Panic right? With this chrome extension, you don’t need to be alarmed, all you need is this extension only. With Panic button extension, you can close all the opened tabs with one click, Isn’t that great. You can retrieve the closed tabs once you need them. For what are you waiting for. Move on and get panic button extension Give it a try!

5. LastPass – To Manage All Your Passwords

Being online isn’t a big deal when it comes to maintaining your passwords is going to be the big challenge. If you are careless, your private accounts will be hacked in no time. With the Last Pass, it’s going to be a breeze. It generates the hard to crack passwords for each website that need the login, Then you can manage all your passwords with one master password. It compensates all your password management tasks without anything wired.

6. Internet Download Manager – To Download Anything Faster

The internet is vast, and you can download anything at any time without any hassle. When it comes to downloading, our one and only choice tend to go for IDM a.k.a the Internet Download Manager. With IDM, your downloading speed will be best, you can batch, schedule and so much more. They even have the extension for their user’s convenience, and you can quickly grasp all the download links within the browser.

So don’t any downloads, go ahead and install the Internet download manager for your Chrome web browser!

7. Evernote – To Take Notes

evernote google chromeNote taking never ends! You need to take the right notes when you aren’t able to figure out the actual content. For this, you need to have the secure service like Evernote to accommodate all your needs. With Evernote, you can easily sync all your notes, doodles, images with the Android app, IOS, and web apps.

8. Strict Workflow – To STAY Focused

StrictWorkflow ChromeThe internet is the biggest distraction for everyone, and you can’t concentrate your focus to work on one thing. To overcome this and become a productive geek you need to the active extension to force you to work. Although many of the extensions out there, Strict Workflow is worth for trying as the best extension for the Google Chrome to keep you stay productive during your job hours.

9. Nice Day (weather)

Chrome Weather ExtensionIt is another great yet must have an extension for the Google Chrome that predicts your current location’s weather condition by using your geolocation. You’ll receive the approximate estimated whether report with this extension. It is impressive to know how the climate around you!

The internet is the biggest distraction one out there, and it is hard to rectify your needs once you entered the web. You need to make use of the extensions or web apps to keep you glued to your works. If you need to be productive, it is better to use these best google chrome extensions.

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