torrentYou might have come across the news that the two best torrent websites and Kickasstorrents is closed due to legal issues. This made a huge impact on the users who downloaded stuff using torrents on a regular basis. However, there are still some good torrent websites which are now further continuing the torrents downloading trend in the world. If you have ever used torrents before then you must have used uTorrent (at the famous torrent client).

uTorrent was definitely the best torrent client but it faced a drastic downfall after being sold to BitTorrent. Soon it became a closed source from open source, preventing people from modifying and contributing towards its development. In the current situation,  uTorrent is filled with advertisement and spams. However, it is still being used by mass torrent users but some people who feel uncomfortable are seeking for alternatives.

In order to help you, we have compiled a list of best, fastest and least suspicious uTorrent alternatives. Although most of them still offer adware, you can easily avoid it by declining their installation.

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Best uTorrent Alternatives 2018

71. qBittorrent

qBittorent will be our first recommendation if you are seeking a uTorrent alternative. This torrent client is meant to be a perfect replacement for uTorrent, the developers have added all the good things about uTorrent and didn’t include the negative things BitTorrent later added in uTorrent. In the current scenario when uTorrent became closed source, qBittorent made sure that users can modify the tool and support the development by keeping the qBittorent open source.

It has got pretty simple and clean interface allowing you to do most of the tasks without opening navigation menus. There are some useful features added including an ability to shut down after completion of the download, ability to create torrents. RSS reader is added to the features list to keep you updated with your favorite torrent sites.

A torrent search engine is included to the qBittorent interface as well (you need to install python). All of the useful features like bandwidth allocation, pausing and force start options are included for a better user experience. The most delightful part is that it is based on BitTorrent, which is the same code uTorrent is built on. So if you were a uTorrent user then you will get a similar experience while using qBittorent.

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62. Tixati

If you are tired of irrelevant and annoying advertisements most of the torrent clients show then you definitely need to give Tixati a try. Its a free and closed source torrent client useful for beginners as well as advanced users. The look and feel of Tixati are different from standard torrent clients and appear presentive as well as clean.

The current status and other information are displayed using charts in the real-time which is vital for users who can understand. However, it might be complex for users who have just started using torrents.

One of a unique thing Tixati holds is its channels. You can join multiple channels which already have numerous seeders and leechers. Moreover, you can chat with peers to stay updated on the torrent status. This torrent client also offers basic features like bandwidth allocation, torrent search, filters, DTH and more.

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53. Deluge

It is another good uTorrent alternative which runs on the same trusted BitTorrent source code. The usability and overall experience with deluge are quite similar to qBittorrent and older uTorrent. The initial impression about the interface is quite simple but it is not as clean and straightforward as qBittorrent. This torrent client is completely free and does not offer any adware or forced advertisements.

As far as features department in Deluge is concerned, they did not opt the regular way of offering many features pre-packed in the torrent client. Rather they introduced the plugins option, you can visit Deluge website and download plugins to add features which you like. This unique concept has made sure that Deluge becomes a light and customizable torrent client.

More functions in Deluge includes peer exchange, encryption, bandwidth control, speed limiter, password protection. The built-in plugin set includes Blocklist, AutoAdd, Scheduler, Web Interface, Notifications.

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44. BitTorrent

BitTorrent is a torrent client owned by BitTorrent Inc, which is also the owner of uTorrent. You can consider BitTorrent as an uTorrent alternative when you don’t have problems with uTorrent but just want an alternative for some minor sight and functionality change. If you compare the appearance between uTorrent and BitTorrent then you won’t be able to differentiate except the logo change and some color changes.

BitTorrent does come with adware and advertisements on the application panel, but you can buy Pro version to get rid of them. Even after uTorrent and BitTorrent sharing a similar appearance,  there are few minor differences which might help you to decide whether you want to shift from uTorrent to BitTorrent. One of the noticeable difference is the way BitTorrent searches torrents in comparison to uTorrent. With BitTorrent, you can easily search torrents with a simple keyword, but when you perform a search in uTorrent you need to add filters and sources as well.

uTorrent doesn’t allow you to create torrents but it is then possible in BitTorrent. So if you are concerned about these minute differences or rather say addon benefits then you can switch to BitTorrent.

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35. Transmission

Transmission torrent client was once only available for Mac and Linux operating systems, but the Windows version later started to roll the dice as well. In the past, Transmission experienced issues with security and malware but it is now resolved and rather known as a decent torrent client.

With an updated version, it is now an open source software which is free from any adware, malware and forced advertisements. Transmission lacks behind in the appearance and user interface department, it seems like the developers didn’t pay much attention in this section. Despite having a poor interface and least menus, Transmission has many powerful features hidden right behind those navigation buttons.

Some of its basic feature includes DHT, Peer exchange, Encryption, Webseed capability, Web interface, speed controls and tracker editing.

Transmission is slightly unfortunate of having most of the useful features slightly hidden from the sight of an unfamiliar user. Definitely, this torrent client won’t please everyone but can be worth to try when you are seeking a uTorrent alternative.

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26. Vuze

Vuze BitTorrent client is free, open source and end to end software that completes all your torrent needs. Vuze maintains its size and performance to be called as a lightweight and fast torrent client. It is officially available for most of the operating systems including Windows and Mac. With Vuze, you can download torrents using either of traditional methods, which are using magnet links and torrent trackers.

In order to sustain the free version, Vuze offers adware during installation and there are ads on its main panel. You can buy Vuze Plus to get extra features as well as stop seeing those annoying advertisements. The torrent download speeds are automatically optimized for Vuze, you can also view the status of downloads using the inbuilt torrent download manager.

Vuze offers most of the essential basic and advanced features like RSS, Bandwidth control, Notifications, Remote Control, Media player, traffic control, Plugins, converter, filters and lots more. Unfortunately, there is no offline installer available for Vuze, so you need to use an online installer to download this torrent client.

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17. BitComet

BitComet is a free torrent client which can be a good uTorrent alternative when you don’t mind adware slipping in your system during the installation. It also attempts to change your browser’s homepage and default search engine, so you might want to be careful while continuously clicking through the installation.

BitComet features torrent share using which you can grab torrents directly from other BitComet users. In an addition, you can also preview the torrent media file before the download completes – vital when you are concerned about the media quality. You also get the control over the write frequency of BitComet which can be accessed under DiskCache. One of the more useful features is bandwidth control so that you can allocate more bandwidth in the night when you are sleeping and less in the day when you are working.

This torrent client also allows you to setup remote downloads, which is quite useful when you are away from your PC. However, the built-in search feature isn’t that useful, it kicks in the default browser to perform the search which doesn’t show relevant results.

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In Conclusion

uTorrent was a great torrent client and perhaps we wouldn’t need to seek for an alternative if it was not ruined by BitTorrent Inc, the new owner. Finding the right torrent client needs a lot of efforts as once you download a wrong torrent client, you go vulnerable to many Adware and Malware. So in order to avoid any mishap to happen, we have built this list of 7 Best uTorrent alternatives which are least suspicious.

Which is your favorite torrent client or do you still use uTorrent? Tell us in the comments.

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