Chrome is the most widely used web browser in the world (It’s no secret). Just like all the other browsers out there; Google Chrome also stores your browser history. You can check it by going to History from settings. However, Chrome doesn’t have any inbuilt option for deleting browsing history automatically.

Automatically Clear Chrome Browsing History

I can’t agree more that the History feature is quite useful in times. However, there can be many situations where you might not want to keep your browsing history available on your browser. If it’s a shared computer then automatically clearing browsing history every time the browser is closed makes a lot of sense. So start following the step by step guide below to learn how to do this.

(Though you can use the incognito mode; But, what if someone disables Chrome incognito mode on that computer. Moreover, while you use incognito mode, you can’t use any chrome extension, which is a huge setback.)


To clear browsing history on Chrome you can click “Shift+Ctrl+N”, and after that click on “Clear Browser History”. The problem is if you go with this pre-build solution then you have to do this manually every time you exit Chrome browser. But, I don’t think you want to do this.

So the workaround here is to install “No History” extension on chrome. You can download it from here. All you need to do is add it to your Chrome browser. Now, whenever you start Chrome just click on the No History Icon (the small clock like icon) on the top-right side and turn “Stop Recording History” option off. If you do this chrome will not record your browsing history anymore. In other words, you can also say your browsing history will be automatically deleted or cleared whenever you exit Chrome.

turn “Stop Recording History” option off image

No History seems to be a popular Chrome extension (with more than 67K users), So, It’s easy to guess that many people like this extension. There are some other extensions as well which will do the same job, you can check them from chrome web store.

My Conclusion

If you are among the millions of UC Browser users, then you might be familiar with this feature, and you probably know how useful it is. I used to use this “Clear Browsing History on Exit” feature of UC Browser all the time when I used to use the internet on my Nokia 5230 phone. Now I have switched to the iPhone, so I use Safari, but I still miss this feature.

Anyhow, let me know your thoughts about this little chrome workaround. I have written some other useful articles about Chrome which you can check from below. Thanks for reading have a great day ;).

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  1. You developers are not telling people you are referencing p.c. and Mac. Chrome extensions are at chrome store,none at play store,android system does not support chrome extensions,per pop up message at chrome store. Also cannot access menu settings,UC browser 10,Android6.0,installed from play store app.


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