WhatsApp is very popular, millions of people use it every day on a Regular Basis. I also use WhatsApp frequently and most of the time it works fine. But, last night when I was chatting with my friend on WhatsApp I faced a problem, I couldn’t Click any Picture from WhatsApp.

Fix WhatsApp Camera

I was unable to capture photos using my smartphone’s camera (Both Primary and front Camera) from WhatsApp. But, when I checked the camera I see it was working just fine. It took me quite a long time to fix this issue.

So, here in this post, I will share the steps which helped me to get rid of this problem. Below I have described the problem which I was facing in detail.

The problem was – whenever I click on the camera icon the flashlight flashed, and nothing comes on the screen. The phone was showing me the black screen, and when I click on the capture icon, only a blank black image used to get captured. After facing this problem for more than five times, I thought that I should check something to solve this issue.

I did a quick google search and saw that other people were also facing the same problem with WhatsApp camera. So, if you are among those persons who are facing the camera problem with WhatsApp then check below, I think you will be able to get rid of this problem.

How to Fix Camera Problem in WhatsApp

After my phone start showing this problem, I was irritated, as I was unable to send any picture to my friends by directly clicking photos. I thought if I uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp then I might get rid of this problem. I did that and Guess What! After I uninstalled WhatsApp and reinstalled it, the problem was gone. So, if you are facing the same problem, I will suggest you without wasting any more time do the following.

  • Open WhatsApp on your Phone.
  • Now take a Backup of Your WhatsApp Chats. (WhatsApp Settings> Chat Settings> Backup Chats)
  • Next Uninstall WhatsApp from your Phone
  • Restart Your Phone (This is not necessary)

Now you can Download and Install WhatsApp on your Phone again and you won’t face this issue.

Congratulation you just fixed your WhatsApp Camera Not working Problem. Enjoy the rest of the day chatting with your friends on WhatsApp.

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  1. Hi..i do have the same problem . .using note 2 kitkat..i already couple of times uninstall and install back whatsapp..but still i r says camera failed . .but it often came..if i chats almost 30 minutes..it will back failed..then i have to out from whatsapp for 2 or 3 minutes and chats again..it will fine again..ita annoying sometimes

  2. Main camera stopped working in oppo f1f both front and rear..plz suggest me to overcome this issue??
    It’s a 2 month old handset..

  3. facing with same problem on swipe Elite plus the error saying in whatsapp “can’t start camera” i reinstall the whatsapp app problem fixed its working

    • heloo.
      you can try this.
      go to security>Permission > Manage App Permissions > use camera > whatsApp
      I used it and work

  4. got same problem, camera stuck when trying to use in whatsapp. but it fixed when i change the mode camera.

    go to my camera, it also stuck in photo mode, change the mode to video it back normal, change back mode to photo also working good. change other mode also no problem.

    then back to my whatsapp and try to take a picture, and it back working.. hope can help..

  5. If your just getting a dark screen on your face camera (the one that points towards you) during video calls

    go settings
    Then turn the camera icon off and then back on..
    Then video call someone and it should return to your beautiful face light and bright

  6. I am facing the same problem . The whatsapp video becomes dark . None of the above mentioned solutions are working for me . what should be done

  7. After I take a WhatsApp picture it turned green (only front camera) . If you are try FaceTime the person sees me in green too

  8. When I open WhatsApp and Instagram and access to the camera , it suddenly shows that it has some bugs and need to be fixed. And stops suddenly. it happens only in WhatsApp and instagram.


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